Workplace Training

In-house training courses up-skilling managers to meet workplace challenges

Workplace Strategies conducts a number of in-house training programs on workplace-related issues.

Our programs are designed to give participants practical and useful information; a skill set that they can call on to effectively manage day-to-day workplace issues.

The programs differ greatly to public, off-the-shelf courses. Our solutions are tailored to focus on the organisation’s own workplace policies; this allows participants to gain an understanding of the purpose of the policies and enables them to confidently implement the required procedures.

The training programs include:

• Managing Discipline and Performance Management Procedures

A program dealing with discipline and performance management in the workplace. Participants learn the differences between performance and disciplinary issues, when and how to invoke formal processes, what documentation must be considered and ways to avoid unfair dismissal claims.

• Labour Law for Line Managers

A program focusing on the Basic Conditions of Employment Act 1997 and the Labour Relations Act 1995, with a brief discussion of other relevant labour legislation. Participants gain an understanding of the working time provisions, leave entitlements, overtime obligations, notice of termination provisions, payroll obligations, trade union rights and unfair labour practices.

• Conducting a Disciplinary Hearing

A program dealing with the various roles in an internal disciplinary hearing including what is required at the evidentiary stage, procedural obligations imposed by the Code of Good Practice: Dismissal and the issues facing a chairperson when deciding on guilt and recommending sanction.

• Best-Practice Performance Management

A program that assists managers to implement progressive performance management practices, from drafting and implementing job descriptions, giving effective feedback during employee appraisals and compiling personal development plans that drive career growth.

• Managing Employee Absenteeism

A program that explores the causes of employee absenteeism, focuses on practical issues such as medical certificate requirements, sick leave obligations and steps to limit absenteeism in the workplace.

• Handling Sexual Harassment Claims in the Workplace

A program that discusses processes to prevent or handle sexual harassment claims, the required content of a sexual harassment policy and steps that managers can take to avoid damages awards emitting from sexual harassment claims.

If you have identified a need for managers to become better acquainted with labour law issues and solutions, or if you have found that public courses have not addressed the needs of your managers, speak to us about a tailored training program.