Strategic Human Resources

Strategic human resource solutions that optimise employment relationships

Workplace Strategies offers human resource management services on two distinct levels. For larger clients, our services take the form of assisting internal human resource departments as a third-party advisor. In the case of employers in the SME sector, we provide customised, full-services outsourced solutions designed to bosst the efficacy of human resource management within the organisation.

Assistance for HR Departments

We provide advice on best-practice HR solutions, facilitate strategic HR plans and offer independent and objective HR support to senior management.

Our project deliverables typically include:

• Annual and three year plans focusing on people development issues, resulting in an HR function that competently services the organisation’s needs and drives employee performance and development
• Recruitment processes that meet the company’s quantitative and qualitative hiring requirements and bringing about high employee retention rates
• Employment documentation closely aligned to workplace culture, which adopts best-practice standards, meets legislative obligations and addresses employee risk-management issues
• Individual performance objectives aligned to company objectives, performance monitored against accepted standards;
• Coaching, training or other support to address poor performance issues and adoption of formal poor performance procedures where appropriate
• Effective, compliant and consistent HR administration practices
• Sufficient skills and competencies to deliver on strategic objectives and enable growth. The right people with the right skills are in the right place at the right time. Key talent is identified and nurtured

Outsourced HR Manager

Workplace Strategies will provide an experienced HR practitioner to commit a fixed number of hours to a HR Unit each month. The exact number of hours are agreed with the organisation and are dependent on affordability and the company’s unique human resource requirements.

Performance Management

Workplace Strategies has particular expertise in designing and implementing performance management programs. Our solutions seek to derive improved results from teams and individuals by understanding and managing performance within an agreed framework of planned goals, standards and competence requirements.

We facilitate a process for establishing shared understanding about what is to be achieved, and implement an approach to manage and develop people in a way which increases the likelihood of achieving goals and targets. This objective is achieved by:

• defining performance and expectations, through implanting aligned job descriptions
• monitoring performance, through feedback and appraisal processes
• developing performance, through the implementation of personal development plans

Our performance management programs:

• align corporate and individual objectives
• are an effective means of improving individual and organisational performance
• clarify expectations in terms of objectives and performance levels required from employees
• ensure that performance and behaviour is assessed objectively
• provide a sound basis for planning, training and development initiatives
• lead to greater employee motivation, productivity and retention

If your organisation has a need to implement sound human resource management, talk to us about what arrangements may suit you best.