Labour Law Advice

Helping organisations to comply with complex, ever-changing labour laws

Workplace Strategies appreciates the challenges employers face to comply with myriad labour laws and our advice is based on a sound knowledge of current legislation and its various ramifications.

We also understand business and the dynamics of employment relationships and our solutions are delivered with regard to the various commercial and practical considerations of any issue.

Our labour law advice includes:

• ensuring compliance with various instruments that set minimum terms and conditions of employment

• advising on correct procedures for affecting fair dismissals

• restructuring initiatives, including implementing redundancy programs that are compliant with the Labour Relations Act 1995

• providing industrial relations advice, such as collective bargaining obligations, wage negotiations and responding to trade union demands

• advising on business outsourcing issues

• conducting due diligence analysis prior to the sale of a business (on labour law, industrial relations and human resource matters)

• effectively handling discrimination and harassment complaints

• addressing occupational health & safety issues

If your business is in need of labour law advice, we can help.