Employment Equity

Facilitating employment equity training, planning and reporting initiatives

Workplace Strategies assists designated employers with their employment equity initiatives. “Designated employers” are organisations with more than 50 employees or who have an annual turnover in excess of the specified industry threshold.

Employer Obligations

The obligations on designated employers include:

• consultation with employees (through an employment equity forum)

• analysis of employment practices to identify employment barriers that adversely affect people from designated groups

• preparation of an employment equity plan;

• submission of employment equity reports to the Department of Labour

Our Employment Equity Services

Our services during the employment equity process include:

• facilitating employment equity workshops to educate and inform employees about the organisation’s employment equity initiatives

• facilitating the election of the Employment Equity Forum

• training the Employment Equity Forum on employment equity principles and requirements

• acting as an external consultant and advisor to the Employment Equity Forum

• conducting an audit and analysis of the employer’s employment documentation

• preparing a draft employment equity plan


If proposed changes to the Employment Equity Act 1998 are enacted, fines for employers failing to comply with their employment equity obligations can be up to 10% of company turnover.